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Pendulum V2.jpg


Newton Crome SQ.gif
Chrome X
Newton Copper SQ.gif
Copper X
Newton Black Wood SQ.gif
Black Oak X
Newton White Chalk SQ.gif
Chalk X
Newton Sandstone SQ.gif
Sandstone X
Newton Bricks SQ.gif
Bricks X
Newton Blue Amber SQ.gif
Blue Amber X
Newton Grass SQ.gif
Grass X
Newton Red Plastic SQ.gif
Red Jelly X

When calmness isn't achieved, it can be, through simplicity. Inspired by newton's cradle and the newton pendulum collection, the spherical elements morph into cubical, hard objects, levitating. 10 unique cubes with different attributes oscillate in harmony.


Animated GIF  |  500 x 500 px.

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